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Welcome to the Polyglotterz website !

We offer French and English courses in Geneva and its region, Ferney-Voltaire and Annemasse.

Why taking language courses?

Learning a foreign language is not always easy and mastering it takes time.

Moreover, in 2019 and in a globalised world, it has become essential to be able to express yourself correctly in at least one foreign language, especially when living in a country where speakers do not speak your mother tongue.

Let's face it, multilingualism is future !

That's why our school offers a real linguistic immersion with our high quality workshops, in order to become multilingual.

How does a language course work?

The course is intensive and immerses the student in real-life situations in everyday life and in groups. This is better than in a traditional school and more friendly than taking private lessons !

Consult our different formulas to consider the points you would like to improve. From the simple conversation to knowing how to order a coffee or taking a taxi, there is a lot to do in order to evolve in your environment very serenely.

Who are these intensive language courses for?

Newcomers will be particularly interested in what we offer. Also, you can just wish to improve your English or French.

Adults, children and teenagers are welcome. There is no age limit to progress with our language courses.

Join our program ! Together, we will form a true comm
unity of mutual aid, in a joyful atmosphere.